The Best Affordable Sweaters All Have This One Trend in Common

If you love sweaters (and who doesn’t, let’s be real), this is your season. After that seemingly neverending summer, enjoy it. Embrace it. You’ve earned it. And if you’ve been shopping for fall like I have, you may have noticed some common themes among the offerings this year. One that I’ve definitely noticed is that among the affordable sweaters I’ve seen, the very best ones have one thing in common: statement sleeves.

Blouson, puffy, mutton, voluminous—whatever you want to call them, big sleeves are everywhere this year, taking up space and earning compliments wherever they go. I, for one, love the drama that they add to even the simplest of outfits (e.g., jeans and ankle boots) and hope the trend never dies. But in case it does, I’m wearing the trend as much as possible now, starting with these affordable sweaters. 

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