The French-Girl Trick For Making Cheap Things Look Expensive

We don’t throw the word “icon” around very often, but when it comes to French-girl Jeanne Damas, no other word seems appropriate. The combination of her own personal Parisian style combined with the success of her wildly chic brand, Rouje, there isn’t much to not admire about this French icon (repeating the word for dramatic effect). It’s no secret that attaining that effortless way of French-girl dressing is something women all over the world spend much more time on than they should, but thanks to Jeanne’s latest feature in the new Mango campaign, we can copy her style at a price-point that won’t break the bank or a sweat. 

We had the opportunity to have a quick chat with the French powerhouse herself to uncover the ins and outs of her fall style plans, her tips for making even the most affordable of clothing look expensive and polished, and much more. Ahead, read our interview and shop each of her looks from the latest Mango campaign. If a French-girl fall is what you’re after, everything you need is just a scroll and a click away.

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