The Designer Bags That Have the Best Cost-Per-Wear Value (According to Us)

Standing in the middle of the handbag section of a department store while dreaming about the fanciful silhouettes in the new-in section is one of my favorite pastimes. Yes. I’m Bobby, and I’m a bag addict. What can I say, there’s something that feels so good about punctuating a perfect outfit with a flawless satchel. But alas, while I may want every luxury carryall I see, my budget does not allow for it. Sure, I’m all for the under-$100 picks out there, but given my desire for designer from time to time, I make it a point to save for a few seasons to invest in that silhouette I really covet.

But I don’t just drop cash on any old luxury pick out there, I often crunch the numbers to ensure said style has a strong enough cost-per-wear value (dividing the original price by the number of times you wear an item). As in, I want to ensure I would wear the bag enough (thanks to its timeless nature) to get the best investment out of it. Believe it or not, I’m not alone when it comes to abiding by this shopping logic. My fellow Who What Wear editors also believe in the cost-per-wear model.

I tapped some of them to share the top designer bag they’ve bought that has the best cost-per-wear-value. From a Louis Vuitton clutch that comes to about $2 per wear to a work and travel tote that’s held its value over time, these are the handbags worth trying if you’re looking to invest in something new. And of course, if you’re not quite ready but want a just-as-stylish bag option, I also rounded up more affordable picks that will make the same fashionable statement.

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