So, French Girls Won’t Stop Wearing These 7 Outfits From Friends

It’s honestly wild that Friends first graced our screens 25 years ago. I know. (Fans—please note the Monica Geller inflection there). Like many, I’ve been captivated by the show since those early days thanks to the roller-coaster plot lines (“We were on a break!”) and, of course, the characters’ signature styles. In fact, given that ’90s fashion is back, many of Rachel’s, Monica’s, and Phoebe’s iconic looks are just as relevant in 2019 as they were 20-odd years ago. And you know what? French girls are especially fond of them.

In fact, after thumbing through Instagram one afternoon, I noticed a post from Adenorah that featured a throwback-inspired outfit with the caption: “Very into Friends outfits at the moment!” The fit in question featured a cropped white tee and loose jeans—very “Rachel” circa 1995.This really got me thinking. Yes, ’90s fashion is back with fervor, but in general, the Parisian set’s effortless sartorial sensibilities really do mirror that cool sartorial vibe the Friends cast was so famous for.

So then I did some research. Keep scrolling to uncover seven recent French-girl outfits that resemble looks worn by Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe. And because I’m always there for you (wink, wink), I also shopped out my favorite inspired pieces for each ensemble as well.

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