Career (and Life) Advice From a Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Successful Writer

This week, we’re rebroadcasting and expanding upon one of our favorite Second Life episodes from the archives with Kelly Oxford.

As best-selling author and screenwriter Kelly Oxford puts it, “There was a plan to have kids. There wasn’t a plan to have a career.” But as it turns out, she’s had both. In case you’re not already one of her 224,000 Instagram followers who love her witty, relatable, and self-deprecating humor, or if you haven’t read her popular books, including Everything’s Perfect When You’re a Liar and When You Find Out the World Is Against You yet, here’s the deal: Oxford is a mother of three, a Canadian (who now lives in L.A.), and screenwriter and director. Her new film, Pink Skies Ahead, which is based on an essay from her second book, is coming soon.

Oxford was blogging about life (and later, motherhood) in the early days of the internet, before taking her musings to Twitter and Instagram. Jessica Alba can partially be credited with getting Oxford to L.A.—Alba DMed Oxford on Twitter to tell her how much she related to her voice and wanted to help her. Soon after, Oxford was pitching her first TV show with Alba, which eventually turned into a move to Los Angeles and a slew of writing projects.

Head to iTunes to subscribe to Second Life, and listen to this episode to hear more about Oxford’s career journey as well as career and life advice from the successful writer. Keep scrolling to shop her books and get a glimpse of her candid (and very entertaining) Instagram account.

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