A Clean-Beauty Expert Would Toss These Products From Your Vanity

Buying green beauty products is beneficial not only so that containers won’t just sit around in our ecosystem for 1000 years but also because products that are packaged in plastic have the ability to absorb some of the chemicals from their containers, which can end up on your body. Finally, if the ingredients are not sourced sustainably, it can lead to overharvesting or environmental decay.

“Natural” is a tricky term because something can be natural and still be toxic. So for example, lead, which has been found in some lipsticks, is natural, but it’s very toxic for human consumption. Ingredients that are not natural are created in a lab, so synthetics, chemicals, and fragrance, for example. When you see fragrance listed as an ingredient on a product, that can include anywhere from a dozen to hundreds of different components chemically derived and made in a lab.

“Nontoxic” can get confusing because there are certain synthetics that aren’t going to harm you.  

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