14 Hydrating Face Primers for Glowing Skin—and the Foundations to Pair Them With

At the stroke of fall, our skin starts to do very strange things. It itches, flakes, peels, dulls, and feels as dry the Sahara. Plus, our normal lineup of face creams, primers, and foundations throw a tantrum in nasty rebellion. Suddenly, the formulas we reached for to achieve a smooth, glowing complexion all summer don’t do the trick anymore, and we’re left in want of products that cater to our dry, newly chapped skin. But there’s hope!

There are tons of face primers and foundations on the market, but certain formulas are especially magical in fall and winter as antidotes for dry, uneven skin. We’ve done the work for you and pulled 14 amazing primers that instantly smooth, hydrate, and brighten, plus another 14 game-changing foundations they pair perfectly with. Of course, you can use any of the below solo or in combination with your other favorite foundations, but we just happen to think these 14 duos are the ultimate face primers and foundations for those suffering from dry skin. Keep scrolling! 

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