Double-Band Braids: The Hair Trend That’s Going Viral

I’m always keeping an eye on the outfit trends emerging on the street style scene during fashion month, but I also look out for the beauty trends that are bubbling up among insiders. This season, there is one hair trend that is undeniably going viral among insiders: the double-band braid. I spotted the hairstyle everywhere from Copenhagen and New York to Milan and Paris, and it’s only been picking up steam among the fashion set.

The hairstyle is created by pulling hair back to the low part of the neck (either slicked back or parted in the middle), tying a simple braid, and then securing two hair bands—one at the end of the hair and another at the nape of the neck. Hence, the double-brand braid, as I’m calling it. Ahead, see how insiders are wearing the chic hairstyle and shop beauty essentials to try the look for yourself. I know I’ll be wearing it myself this fall.

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