10 Easy Halloween Costumes to Try in Your 30s

It can occasionally seem that the older you get, the less exciting holidays become. Are birthday parties ever going to be as fun as when they were hosted at bowling alleys? Well, speaking as someone who continues to adore each and every celebration no matter my age, yes. Furthermore, what’s Halloween without a bag of hard-earned candy? Good news again: Holidays can get even better with age—birthdays, New Year’s Eve and Halloween included. New Year’s Eve can become a more sophisticated soirée hosted at your apartment, and birthdays are the perfect excuse to treat yourself for an entire day (or weekend… or week), as if you needed an excuse.

Halloween, on the other hand, is a time to lose your inhibitions, forget your daily stressors, and become whomever you want to be for one night. Who wouldn’t want to take part? That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 easy, fun Halloween costumes to wear in your 30s to prove that holidays are just as fun as ever, though if we’re being honest, each of the following costume ideas would be perfect at any age.

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