42 Affordable Summer-to-Fall Items to Buy When You’re Bored

We know that shopping isn’t the only cure for boredom. There are plenty of productive things you can do with your free time, but if you are in need of some new wardrobe boosters, shopping can indeed be one of them. We may not be able to clean your apartment for you or read a book to you, but we can certainly help you shop.

To be honest, talking about “transitional dressing” can be a bit boring in itself. It’s much more exciting to talk about shopping for the four seasons than it is those awkward in-between times, like the one we’re about to be in. The thing is, those awkward in-between times can be rather long, and figuring out what to wear during them can be rather hard. So if you’re interested in preparing yourself for that in advance (sounds productive to us!), keep scrolling to shop a whopping 42 fashion items to see you through both summer and fall. Bonus: Everything is under $200, much of it under $100.

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