I’ve Self-Tanned Since Middle School, and I Swear By These 7 Drugstore Formulas

Since becoming a beauty editor, I’ve become more accepting of my fair skin, and I generally skip self-tanner and spray tans. That said, I still consider myself a connoisseur in the art of self-tanning and all the offerings on the market. No joke, I have an entire cupboard at home brimming with mousses, lotions, waters, sprays, powders, and every other self-tanning innovation you can think of. Something that may surprise you? Some of my favorite formulas can be found at the drugstore.

Even though I love pricier picks from Isle of Paradise, St. Tropez, James Read, and Bali Body, I still have major love for Jergens, L’Oreal, Sally Hansen, and other low- to mid-cost brands you can easily find on Amazon or at Walmart. Ahead, I’m sharing seven of the best drugstore self-tanners I personally use, have purchased in a pinch while traveling, and/or have recommend tofrien ds when they don’t want to spend $50 on a bottled bronze. Keep scrolling! All my faves lie ahead.

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