What Versed Founder Katherine Power Would Buy From Her Own Brand

There’s nothing more exciting for us than taking a peek into the beauty bags or daily regimens of some of the most influential women within the beauty and fashion industry. From Cassandra Grey to Linda Wells to Shiona Turini to April Gargiulo, we want to know every secret, every ritual, and every product female beauty bosses swear by. Steeped in all things beauty and fashion, these women know a thing or two about a game-changing (or -ending) product, so what they choose to use from their own brand—and others—becomes all the more intriguing.

So we decided to ask our very own Who What Wear and Versed CEO and founder, Katherine Power, which products she uses on the reg from her own brand and what the process and criteria are when she’s choosing what she will or won’t use while shopping other brands.

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