Now and Then Quietly Has the Best Summer Style From the ’70s

PSA: Now and Then is coming to a Netflix queue near you. If you’re anything like me and hold a deeply nostalgic place in your heart for this classic coming-of-age flick, then you probably jumped for joy at the thought of getting to rewatch all the summertime shenanigans that these four middle schoolers get into. Between scenes of idyllic bike rides, stolen kisses, and secret swimming holes, the girls deal with all the angst and drama that goes along with being a 12-year-old, but beyond the plotline, the movie’s perfect ’70s-era wardrobe should be the reason you hit play.

Each girl has her own distinct personality and style in the movie, and each time I watch it, I find myself identifying with a different character. Am I Samantha, the brooding tomboy with a wardrobe of oversize shirts; Chrissy, the innocent girly-girl who always wears pink; Roberta, the science nerd with “chill” style; or Teeny, the precocious leader of the pack who favors a more revealing silhouette? Regardless of which character I chose, I revel in the perfect summer outfits they wear throughout the movie—and TBH, I’d copy any of them today, too.

Scroll down to see my favorite style moments from Now and Then, peruse my shopping picks for each look, and be sure to queue up the movie for your next Netflix sesh.

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