A Rare Look at the Supreme Fashion Archive

Supreme’s fashion archive is full of surprising twists and turns—like patchwork track suits, leopard-print sweater vests, and oversized prints of Obama’s mug. The skate brand has revolutionized the way clothes are bought and sold through drop cycles, and defined the hype era with its box logo and sneaker collaborations, but Supreme’s most remarkable feat may be establishing an unlikely legacy as a credible fashion brand (and now founder James Jebbia has the CFDA award to prove it). It all began with some tees, hoodies, and caps sold out of the Lafayette Street boutique in 1994, and today Supreme is as prolific, influential, and exciting as any luxury fashion label on the planet.

As part of our look Inside Supreme, we pulled a selection of rare hits from the brand’s in-house fashion archive. If you aren’t familiar with Supreme at all, or if your awareness of the brand doesn’t go beyond the box logo, prepare to have your mind blown. Because there’s nothing that says a skate brand can’t also make bondage pants, leather blazers and kelly green suits. Supreme is the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure experience, where different style genres mingle like skate rats in a school yard—punk, hip-hop, preppy… it’s all up for grabs. These 42 pieces represent the breadth and ingenuity of Supreme’s design history and the surprising style evolution that’s been 25 years in the making.

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