8 Celebrity Beauty Products That Are Actually Really Good

I spend a lot of my time in my job playing the role of beauty detective, getting the inside scoop on the products that celebrity makeup artists really use on their clients and the skincare picks that the A-list genuinely use at home. Not content with simply having access to the best brands and experts in the business, however, countless celebrities have actually tried their hand at creating their own beauty products over the years—some incredibly successful (hello, Fenty Beauty) and some not so much (goodbye, Jessica Simpson’s now defunct Dessert Beauty line).

But which of these celeb-stamped products have actually made the departure from gimmick to respected beauty product in their own right? And which ones are worth spending your money on? Not every single line is full of winners, but some of them feature key buys that do stand up.

Keep scrolling for my eight favourite celebrity-brand beauty products that I think are genuinely good.

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