20 Pretty Skirt Outfits Fashion Girls Are Ditching Their Jeans For

When it comes to a staple outfit, anyone who knows me knows that mine is jeans and a white T-shirt. Effortless, versatile and stylish, it’s my go-to for work and play. That is, until summer finally arrived—it’s like the entire planet has been set on fire. With temperatures rising over 90 degrees from Paris to New York, my only options are to jump in a fountain or find a staple outfit that’s a little more summer-friendly. A quick perusal through my Instagram told me what I should have already known—fashion girls have swapped out their jeans for skirts.

From maxi to midi to mini, there’s no skirt left unworn, as it’s swiftly become the new It piece. It’s no wonder, as they’re easy to style and comes in a variety of colors, patterns and lengths. In fact, they put jeans to shame when it comes to versatility. While it took me a while to get behind this trend, now that I have, I’m in love. In fact, I plan on wearing skirts long into fall and winter. If you, too, need a little convincing to give up your denim and give a leopard miniskirt a try, just scroll through to get some major inspiration from our favorite fashion girls; then shop a skirt to add to your own collection.

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