I Currently Own 29 Swimsuits, But These Are the Only 13 I Actually Wear

I need to start by acknowledging that owning this many swimsuits is not normal and is actually something I’m quite embarrassed about. I came up with the idea for this article while recently cleaning out my closet which included my swim drawer. As I sifted through the endless amount of swimsuits, I realized that even though I “like” all of the bikinis and one-pieces in my drawer, there were only 13 (once I counted them) I actually love wearing.

With that said, I decided to highlight those 13 swimsuits for you all here. There are so many different styles of suits these days, so I’m not here to pressure you into liking the same things I am, but as someone who has tried on her fair share of swimwear, I can confidently say that the selection ahead is certainly worth testing out for yourself if you have been struggling to find the suit that feels amazing on you. I also need to acknowledge that there are so many Solid & Striped swimsuits in this roundup.

The reason? I simply love them. I have found that no matter what the style, Solid & Striped swimwear flatters my body best, so I wanted to be honest about just how deep my love for the brand runs. Ahead, check out the 13 swimsuits I wear on repeat and see some of the ones I currently have on my summer 2019 wish list (as if I need any more).

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