I’ll Be Wearing This Jacket Trend for 93 Days Straight

Last summer, I wrote all about the top trend I planned on wearing for 93 days straight. (That’s how many days summer is in case you were wondering.) And for your information, I basically did wear it for the entirety of the season. While that style is still cute for summer 2019, there’s another trend I’m clinging to more than any other, and that trend is blazers. Now, there’s a major difference between summer blazers and your average wear-to-work-over a button-down blazer. The ones I’m hyping up today come in fresh colors, lightweight and breathable materials, are just the right amount of oversize, and look good over just about everything in your summer wardrobe.

These summer blazers are what I am reaching for every time I feel like I need a lightweight jacket but don’t want to wear my denim one. Normally, this is a major predicament for me every time I leave the house, but now that I have fully embraced this summer jacket trend, I feel like my outerwear selection is fit for any warm-weather (with the slight chance of a breeze) outing that may come my way. Ahead, shop 24 summer blazers currently on my wish list, including a few I already own. From classic and tailored to trendy and forward, there’s sure to be blazer you’ll love in the selection ahead.

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