We’re Launching a Game-Changing Skincare Line—These Products Will Sell Out First

So… a little more on what Versed is all about: It starts with research. Our data team figured out that, in general, millennials think skincare is too confusing, not trustworthy, and freakin’ expensive. And they’re totally right. After over 11 years of market research (of testing products, beauty reporting, and consulting readers and top industry experts), we discovered that at the end of the day, folks in their 20s and 30s just want a few simple things from their skincare—things that that no one brand has managed to represent (until now). Millennials want products that A) create visible results, treating issues like dullness and aging, B) are made with clean ingredients, C) have an affordable price point, and D) have ingredients and packaging so easy to understand that you’re not totally paralyzed by what to buy. No vague, flowery verbiage. Just clean, formula-driven, transparent, affordable, easy skincare. That’s the gap Versed is filling. Starting Sunday, you can find it at everyone’s favorite mass retailer: Target.

We want to wax on and on about every product in the line (and trust me—we will as soon as it’s available). But for now, here’s a sneak peek of the products you need to know about because our Versed team thinks they’ll be the first to sell out. Bookmark this page, skincare lovers. And get your credit card ready…

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