The 5 Most-Requested Summer Hair Colors, According to 3 Celebrity Colorists

Nothing makes us itch for a brand-new (or at least slightly different) hair color than the onset of a new season—especially spring and summer. Of course, we can do whatever we want with our hair whenever we want to, but there’s something freshly optimistic about the warmer, brighter, longer days of summer that has us scrolling on our phones and stalking our favorite colorists with way more fervor than fall and winter. So we’re scratching that itch.

To help decipher which spring and summer hair color trends will be of paramount popularity and importance this season, we asked three of the industry’s most sought-after colorists to name the high-priority looks, techniques, and palettes for ultimate seasonal inspiration. After all, these are the color geniuses our favorite celebrities flock to before red carpets, fashion shows, and filming ventures, so we more than trust their predictions. Ahead, we’re featuring five of the most exciting summer hair color trends celebrity colorists have set their sights on this season. Keep scrolling! (Your current color rut will thank you.)

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