An Obituary for Cropped Pants—and the Intel on What’s Replacing Them

Sorry to sound dramatic. Actually, I’m not really sorry (I live for the drama), and I happen to take my job quite seriously, so when it comes to reporting on which trends are in and out, I’m not messing around. And lately it would be impossible not to notice that cropped pants (once a staple in closets everywhere) have suddenly vanished. I owned multiple pairs at one point, too, but I’ve found myself drawn more and more to longer hemlines, and the fashion world is in complete agreement.

There’s something undeniably relaxed and dare I say cool about the elongated, puddles-around-your-feet kind of look? Oversize tailoring was a trend we saw all over the spring runways, from Tibi to Dior, a surefire sign that the loose-pants trend is canceling the fitted, cropped pairs that preceded them. What’s more, the shoe trends of the moment (among them, strappy sandals and chunky soles) all play so well with longer hems.

Still hesitant? I don’t blame you, but I have a strong feeling that once you see just how chic the fashion world is making them look and fill up on outfit ideas to try, you’re going to have reconsider. Luckily, I shopped out my favorite pairs at the end so you can try them for yourself.

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