6 Jeans-and–T-Shirt Formulas NY Girls Will Never Retire

Aside for the little black dress, we’d be hard-pressed to find an outfit more classic or more timeless than pairing jeans with a T-shirt. Since the ’50s, it has been the pinnacle of all things cool and casual. For proof, just look to old-school style icons like Jane Birkin, Jean Seberg, and James Dean, three celebrities who wore the winning combination regularly and in endless variations.

Despite the fact that some seriously stylish A-listers support the jeans-and–T-shirt combination, there are still people who remain unconvinced. They associate the word “classic” with “boring.” They think that just because the outfit has withstood the test of time, it’s somehow unoriginal or uninventive… It’s old news. We disagree. A classic is a classic for a reason. It’s not unoriginal; it’s universal. It’s not uninventive; it’s foolproof.

Keep scrolling to see the six best ways NY girls are styling their classic jeans-and–T-shirt outfits. These looks will convince you that the formula is as strong and as stylish as ever.

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