3 London Trends VB, Kate Middleton, and Alexa Chung Can’t Stop Wearing

There’s something about British girls and their fashion sense… Maybe it’s that certain poise, grace, and sophistication that we Americans always associate with the Brits, or maybe it’s the way they marry the traditional with the trendy, but we’re not too proud to admit that we love their style. For proof, just look to any red carpet roundup (such as the best of the Met Gala). You’ll see many Brits make our best dressed list and for good reason: They know their way around the fashion circuit.

There are three British celebs we’ve been keeping a close eye on as of late: Kate Middleton (yes, the Duchess of Cambridge), Victoria Beckham (who is fashion royalty in her own right), and Alexa Chung (the British It girl). All three of them have been making particularly chic fashion choices as of late, and while studying them, we’ve noticed a few key similarities. That’s right. We’ve been trend-spotting again. Keep scrolling to see the three London trends these Brits can’t stop wearing, plus the pieces you need to try these trends out for yourself.

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