I’m Obsessed With This Dress Trend—And It Literally Suits Everyone

Isn’t it lovely when a major trend comes around and appears to genuinely suit everyone? That idea is thrown around a lot in the fashion industry (for example, I’m always told wrap dresses should look good on me because they’re supposedly universally flattering, but they really don’t work with my boobs). But occasionally, something magical does come along and really does live up to the hype.

One such wardrobe winner is this year’s batch of shirred dresses. Don’t know what shirring means? Let me explain: It’s when a fabric has many horizontal lines of thin elastic thread stitched into it in order to draw the fabric together and create a stretchy, flattering panel that will snugly fit waists but happily expand over boobs, tummies, bottoms and more. It’s like body-con but bohemian, and it’s bloody good on (not to mention comfy).

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