I Paint My Nails Twice a Week—Here Are 9 Products I’m Actually in Love With

I might be the only person in this world who actually prefers painting my own nails to getting a professional manicure. (Maybe my mom dropped me on my head when I was a baby? I honestly don’t know.) Of course, I never, ever refuse a professional paint job—I’m not crazy—there’s just something incredibly self-placating about the entire process for me. For one, I’m pretty much forced to set down my phone and laptop for a good 30 minutes, and it’s soothing to go from step to step. Plus, nothing makes my day more than a fresh, sparkly paint job.

Even though both my mom and dad used to paint my nails for me when I was little (my dad’s incredibly artistic and has the steadiest hand I’ve ever seen), I’ve perfected my own process over the years and have even gotten to the point where my own results are just as good as the ones I’d receive in the salon (not to boast or anything). I’m pretty perfectionistic when it comes to my nails, and I tire of colors or get caught up on the smallest chip aggressively easily. Therefore, I end up doing my nails anywhere from two to three times a week and have honed my arsenal of products to a very fine-tuned T.

Over the past year, especially, there has been a handful of new nail products that have all the buzz of an inevitable gimmick but in actuality have proved themselves very handy when taking on an at-home paint job. Ahead, I’m sharing the summer-perfect nail products (some new and some old) that I rely on again and again to keep my polish obsession on point and professional-looking. Keep scrolling for all of my must-haves.

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