12 Graduation Dresses Too Pretty to Hide Under Your Gown

Whether you’re graduating from eighth grade, high school, college or beyond—selecting a dress for the big day can be quite an ordeal. You want to look polished, appropriate, and most importantly, like yourself. But you also want something that will not only look great in photos pre and post graduation gown, but also will be comfortable under your it. Frills, ruffles, and puffiness, make a statement, but fitting them neatly under your gown is no easy feat. Plus, you don’t want weird bumps and awkward lumps on it when you do take actual graduation pics with it, your graduation cap, and diploma.

That’s why, we’ve rounded up 12 dresses that are too pretty to hide under your gown, but when you do, they won’t make it look all frumpy. Instead, the dresses ahead will help you feel your best on such an important day. From mini wrap dresses and maxi floral dresses to neon orange, lace dresses and fun polka dot dresses, these options will look great with any (and every) graduation shoe you already had your eyes on — guaranteed.

Now, add to cart and say cheese, ’cause you’re going places.

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