The Best No-Show Socks for Men in 2019

The fashion gods have answered your prayers. Finally, you can wear a pair of no-show socks (a.k.a. invisible socks, a.k.a. loafer liners, a.k.a. no-sock socks) that save your shoes and feet from reeking in the summer, without looking like you’re wearing pantyhose. Now they come in aggressively cool colors and patterns, and good-quality fabrics, that say to the world “I get that these socks are kinda lame, but I’m owning it.” Plus, thanks to some tinkering with fit and sturdier adhesive in the back, the good ones—like those we’re about to show you—no longer slip off. Did we mention that they also hug and cushion your feet while saving them from smelling? We’re calling it a fashion miracle. By all means take advantage of today’s bright dress socks and trippy athletic joints, but when you do go bare in the ankle region, do your shoes and your dignity (and your partner) a favor and be sure to reach for the good stuff.

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