Stylist Karla Welch Swings By as Our First #LifeLessons Podcast Guest

When she and her husband, photographer Matthew Welch, moved to Los Angeles in the early 2000s, she spent some time assisting on shoots, scrappily learning the ropes and discovering her eye for styling looks. (At the time, she was waiting for her visa paperwork to go through.)

“I just started doing every one of Matthew’s jobs, and amazingly, we did the first iPod campaigns,” she recalls. (Anyone else automatically get The Vines’ “Ride” stuck in your head just thinking about the iconic commercials?) And work in advertising led her to start booking personal-style gigs for actresses like Alexis Bledel and TKTK. I’m going to do every job they send my way, she remembers thinking to herself, a philosophy that has served her well throughout her career. 

As for what’s next for the woman who’s been lauded as one of the industry’s most powerful stylists by outlets like The Hollywood Reporter and The New York Times? In additions to her duties styling Elisabeth Moss, Olivia Wilde, and Amber Heard, among other clients, she’s continuing her streak of excellent collaborations with brands like Hanes (you all know that white T-shirt we editors keep raving about?), Levi’s, Stripes, and Meta. (See and shop below.)

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