I Didn’t Believe In CBD Skincare—Until I Had My 71-Year-Old Parents Try It

Age: 26

Skin type: combination, acne-prone

Main skin concerns: redness, dullness, dark circles, acne, uneven skintone

Main skin goals: “Clearer and brighter skin that doesn’t get as congested and dull, increased elasticity and overall tone and texture that’s more even.” 

Thoughts: “Kind of like my parents, I’m not a huge sheet mask person. I love face masks, but I definitely prefer the old-fashioned kind that I can smear on my face. For whatever reason, I find almost all sheet masks I try (except a select few I’m sharing below) to be overly saturated in serum so that they slide, drip, and create an overall mess and non-relaxing experience. I just want to put something on my face and not have to think about it while I watch Netflix, ya know?

“Before I put this one from Beboe on my face, I had washed with an exfoliating cleanser, so my complexion was slightly more splotchy and red than it might normally be. That said, the mask claims to be soothing and to make the skin look more even thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, so I was interested to see what would happen. 

“The serum the mask is saturated with does have a unique texture I’m not really a fan of—thick and kind of filmy, less slippery and serum-y. But, it had a nice smell and didn’t feel like it was clogging my pores, so I tried to stay open-minded. After leaving the mask on for about 20 minutes—the directions stipulate 15 to 30—my redness was virtually gone, my pores looked smaller, and my skin was surprisingly dewy and glowy. I also appreciated that the serum quickly absorbed right into my skin, and I didn’t have a thick layer leftover that I had to work and lather into my skin—these masks are perfectly portioned with product.

My skin felts hydrated enough that I actually skipped adding moisturizer after removal and the hydrating effect even lasted through my evening flight back to L.A.—impressive. Best of all, the mask and its ingredients didn’t cause any issues like congestion or breakouts in the days after I tried it. If anything, my skin continued to look more even, smooth, and radiant, even though I hadn’t changed anything else in my skincare routine. In all honesty, I didn’t want to be impressed by this mask…but I am. I rarely see such instantaneous results with sheet masks or even regular masks, but this formula is special.”

Curious to shop the other (non-CBD) sheet masks my mom and I love? Keep scrolling! 

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