The 7 Vintage Pieces TV’s Newest Cool Girl Would Take to the Apocalypse

Biker shorts?

Never thought I’d be into it, but honestly, I’d do some really cool Adidas biker shorts and a big T-shirt and a leather trench. That could be really sick.

I’m 5’2″, and I get nervous about biker shorts because I’m afraid they’re going to cut me off in a weird way and make me look short.

I’m 5’1″!

Okay, I lied. I’m actually 5’1 1/2″.

Good. That makes me feel better. But I think they make you look short if they’re black! I think they make you look longer. Like with a big T-shirt? Do a French tuck and wear a longer leather coat that’ll hit right under your butt cheek and either some cool platform boots or some sneakers… That’s a cool outfit.

Super-puffy sleeves?

I have friends who look great in a super-puffy Victorian sleeve, but I look really stupid. I can respect it on other people but not for me.

One more: feathers?

I’m not into big feathers or feather bags but little fine maribou feathers on the end of pants? Into that.

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