Slouchy Boots and No Pants: Hailey Bieber’s Recipe For the Perfect Spring Outfit

That awkward period between winter and spring is something I like to call the “in-between.” Stranger Things fans will understand this reference. It’s not completely freezing, but it’s not completely warm either. Dressing for this type of scenario used to be tricky, that is until Hailey Bieber completely schooled us in the matter. Her solution? A tailored coat, oversized sweatshirt, no pants, and slouchy boots. 

Once referred to as “lampshading,” this no pants lifestyle is one that’s clearly fit for pre-spring weather. Pairing slouchy boots—one of fall 2019’s biggest shoe trends, might we add—with a no-pants kind of a look covers up just a little more than your average ankle boot while adding sleek proportion play as well. Throw a long coat on and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for an outfit that’s not quite winter, not quite spring

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