The Best Denim Shirts for Men in 2019

Prada vintage effect denim shirt

OK, sure: we’ll grant you that at first glance, this shirt—the most expensive one on the list—looks a lot like any other you’ve ever seen. But take another look, really look at it, and you’ll start to see all the subtle wit and technical mastery that certified fit genius Miuccia Prada poured into it. There’s the note-perfect tailoring, for one thing: it’s got all the traditional sport shirt fixings you’d expect, from the button-down collar to the curved hem to the locker loop on the back, with the added bonus of a couple understated side pleats to keep things looking extra clean. But the cherry on top is the wash of the denim itself—it’s relatively uniform all the way through, save for a darker strip along the placket that sorta reads like an offbeat racing stripe, and a triangle on the pocket meant to invoke Prada’s uber-iconic logo. Most of the time, you’ll be the only one who knows you’re wearing a galaxy-brain-level grail—to all but the geekiest of fashion heads, it’ll just be a really nice, slightly quirky denim shirt. The sneaky pride you’ll feel is worth the full price of admission.



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