Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon’s Mismatched Shoes Go Viral on Twitter

Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon started a viral Twitter moment on Thursday when she shared a photo of herself wearing two different shoes to work. “People ask me all the time about the pace of things in DC. It’s 4:04 PM and I just noticed that I have gone an entire day with two different shoes on,” she wrote in the post. The photo she shared showed her working in the office wearing a black shoe on her left foot and a similar blue shoe on the right.

Since being tired, rushed, or distracted is extremely relatable, people immediately began commenting in the thread, sharing their stories of leaving the house with two different shoes on. “I seriously do this about once a year! You’re in good company!” one person wrote sharing a picture of their very mismatched shoes. “Nope. Can’t relate,” joked another who posted a photo of one black loafer and one brown.

Scanlon explained the photo in an email to Teen Vogue, writing: “The day was jam-packed as usual. Then, at about 4 PM, I sat down on the couch in our back office to talk with my staff [and] that is when someone pointed out that my shoes did not match. But, I did not have time to change them before my next four evening events,” she explained. “I think the reactions from people are amazing. They realize their elected representatives put their shoes on one foot at a time too, and sometimes, the wrong ones.”

Rep. Scanlon is currently Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and a member of the House Rules Committee. Needless to say, she’s pretty busy so a shoe snafu is totally understandable. Also… I’ve been there.

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