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No resting on your laurels, Capricorn. Something (or someone) you filed away as “done and dusted” last week could show signs of life again. On Wednesday, March 13, big-hearted Jupiter in your twelfth house of forgiveness gets a poke in the ribs from the Sun in your communication sector. Is it possible that you were a little too harsh in your assessment of somebody or misjudged a situation? Usually you’re the picture of composure, but when your emotions get stirred up, you can become frazzled and your feelings get hurt. If this was (or IS) a romantic involvement, is there still ANY love left between you? (And for what it’s worth, if you’re constantly ruminating on that very question, the answer is probably yes.) Under this soulful Sun-Jupiter mashup, it could only help to have a conversation and maybe TRY to hear their perspective on why things melted down. You don’t have to be an optometrist to know that hindsight is 20-20, so there’s a good chance you grossly misunderstood one another—especially considering that messenger Mercury is retrograde from March 5 to 28. On another note, under these skies, a creative or writing project that you shelved could be worth pulling out for review. Need some objective feedback? Run it by a friend whose opinion you value and trust. Even if you need to give it a good stiff edit, chances are, there are some gold nuggets in there! To prevent your imagination from racing in a hundred directions, make a project plan. Reverse-engineer it: If you were starting from the finish line and working backward, what would the halfway point look like; the quarter point? After all, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, brushstroke or stanza guitar strum.

Keep that creative streak alive, Cap! On Thursday, speed demon Mars in Taurus and your artistic, romantic fifth house forms a flowing alignment with your ruler, deliberate Saturn, in Capricorn. Because these planets aren’t naturally in sync, this odd-couple mashup can leave you feeling tired and wired at the same time. Since you can’t hit the gas (Mars) and the brakes (Saturn) at the same time, you’ll need to learn to work the gears separately—and pace yourself! While it might feel a little awkward at first, it’s worth the effort as these planets’ combined energies can help you put some valuable checks and balances into place. For instance, if you’re tempted to sprint ahead on a personal mission, Saturn will encourage you to stop and envision what you’re trying to accomplish. Are you SURE this is the route you want to follow? If it is, ask yourself these questions: What will it look like, what will you do AFTER you get there? And are you willing to assume the responsibilities that come with this victory? Only then you can lean in to Mars’ go-go energy and pull out all the stops!

On Friday, Mercury retrograde in your communication sector will follow the Sun’s lead and square off with expansive Jupiter. You may be tempted to blurt out something before you’ve properly processed it in your head. One word of advice on that front: Don’t! You could offend someone past the point of their willingness to turn the other cheek.

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