I’m a Fashion Editor—Here Are My Trend CliffsNotes on What You Should Buy Now

If you clicked on this story, then I’m guessing you need your sartorial thirst quenched with what’s au courant on the style circuit but simply don’t have the time to riffle through the influx of spring trends coming at you faster than a targeted Google ad. Well, you’ve come to the right place, my friends, because it’s my job as a fashion editor to dissect the plethora of fresh spring trends and brand-new pieces landing at your favorite retailers to bring you the only ones that matter right now. Ahead, I’m sharing my CliffsNotes on the essential pieces to add to your cart based on wearability and what’s trending—because who didn’t love breaking out the CliffsNotes at school when there was no time to read all the assigned literature? Consider this your guide to staying up to sartorial speed, no test prep required.

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