The Scruffy, Stylish Love Of Jesse Rutherford And Devon Carlson

jesse rutherford and devon carlson lay on the ground

On Jesse Rutherford: T-shirt, vintage / Pants, by Dickies / Sneakers, by Coverse x Off-White / Socks, by Tommy Hilfiger | On Devon Carlson: Jacket, by Schott NYC / Jeans, by The Feel Studio Inc.

Jesse Rutherford, frontman of the rock band the Neighbourhood, met influencer extraordinaire Devon Carlson at the mall. Now they have more than a million combined followers on Instagram and know how to wear furry Kangols with designer gear. Which is to say: They’re 2019’s most 2019 couple.

Jesse Rutherford dressed like a rock star way before he actually became one. “I shopped at Hot Topic when I was really, really young,” admits the frontman of the L.A. band the Neighbourhood. “Like, inappropriately young.” Got-sent-home-from-school-for-wearing-a-fishnet-shirt young. (Really.) And since he grew up in Thousand Oaks, a Southern California exurb he calls the “Middle America of California,” he spent a lot of time scouring the racks at the local mall.

Rutherford, 27, worked at Vans, Journeys, Urban Outfitters, and Active skate shop throughout his teen years. When his fashion ambition outpaced the selection at the various stores in The Oaks, his local mall, he simply started dipping into the women’s section. A style freak was born. “Showing up in a Target women’s blouse or something was more interesting to me than wearing normal shit,” he says. The mall isn’t just where he honed his fearless, gently grimy SoCal look. It’s also where he met fellow local Devon Carlson—now a certified A-list vlogger, model, and entrepreneur—between screenings of Spring Breakers. (He was leaving, she was arriving. They’ve been dating pretty much ever since.) “We love clothes so much, it totally makes sense that we met at the mall,” says Carlson, 24, whose highly advanced cool-girl uniform involves slinky slip dresses, tiny sunglasses, and, for the time being, a walking boot occasioned by a Dua Lipa impression gone wrong.

“I used to change my clothes five times a day when I was 7 or 8 years old.” —Jesse Rutherford

These days, the couple share an apartment an hour’s drive east, in L.A. proper. Rutherford still wears punk tees, but the ripped jeans are now designer, and the bag’s Louis Vuitton. He has, however, put away the fishnet shirts. “It’s like wine—the older I get, the more my style matures,” he says. “But I’m also happy that I’ve taken all the risks that I have.” So is Carlson, who says she intuitively selects outfits that coordinate with Rutherford’s. With so many garms packing their closets, they’ve got a handy rule for getting dressed in the morning: “Wherever we are,” Carlson says, “we want to make sure we look like we came together.”

Samuel Hine is GQ’s assistant style editor.

A version of this story originally appeared in the February 2019 issue with the title “The Scruffy, Stylish Love Of Jesse Rutherford And Devon Carlson.”

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