The Secret Behind Park Bo-young’s Radiant Skin




Do you often find yourself hopelessly gawking at Korean celebrities’ flawless, dewy and insanely youthful–looking skin? Back when I was binging on the popular TV series Strong Girl Bong-Soon (2017), starring Park Bo-young as the heroine, I definitely did that. I was constantly mesmerized when Park was on screen; I would annoy my sisters by making occasional remarks accompanied by countless awws and wows.

What Park Bo-young conveyed onscreen was an amicable, funny and totally relatable girl-next-door that was different from all the sassy and glamorous girl leads I’ve seen in Korean dramas. Aside from her convincing acting, Park is gifted with a natural, youthful glow that instantly melts any viewer’s heart. No wonder she was dubbed by the general public as the “Nation’s Little Sister”– an informal title that refers to celebrities who portray the perfect younger sister image. And who wouldn’t want gorgeous skin like hers? Here are notable “secrets” that the 28- year old actress adopts to maintain a radiant and youthful complexion!

1. Sun protection is a must!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon via jTBC TV

Anyone who seeks to have Park Bo-young’s blemish-free and baby-like skin must use sun protection regularly. Premature aging stems from sun damage, which is why many Korean skin care products incorporate UV protection. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) indicates the product’s ability to block out ultraviolet rays. In general, an SPF20 product gives your skin 20 times more resilience compared to when not wearing sunscreen. Any product with SPF30 to SPF50 offers adequate protection, as it can block out 97 to 98 percent of harmful ultraviolet B (UVB) rays.

However, the sun’s rays also triggers melanin production, which can bestow you with a nice tan but can lead to freckles, sunspots and wrinkles after prolonged exposure. Ever notice the PA with plus ratings on your sunscreen? This refers to the product’s protection grade against ultraviolet A (UVA) rays based on PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening) reaction readings, with more plus signs indicating higher protection. Unlike UVB rays, UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin without any immediate physical symptoms and can cause long-term damage.

2. Cleansing and whitening 

Image: Get It Beauty

Don’t take sun protection as the absolute cure – aftercare is equally as important. Park Bo-young’s pre-makeup skin is warmer-toned, but still radiant and smooth. Achieving a porcelain-like complexion is not something that happens overnight, and requires a consistent skin care routine with products that gradually brighten and improve skin tone. Always start your skin care routine with a thoroughly cleansed and toned face. If makeup residues, impurities and dead skin cells still cling to your face, those substances will absorb whatever you put on top instead. Regular exfoliation and removal of dull, dry and dead skin cells will reveal plumper, smoother and glowing skin just like a freshly peeled boiled egg.

3. Moisturizers are your best-friend

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Even without makeup, this K-drama cutie pie still rocks baby-soft skin. The key to having dewy skin is sufficient nourishment and moisture. In South Korea, where the actress is based, winters are harsh, dry and extremely cold while summers are hot and very humid. In a country with such distinct climate differences, knowing what skin care product to use when seasons change is exceptionally important. For hotter weather, water gel-based moisturizers are recommended over cream-based ones, as regular sweating also makes skin become oilier. On the other hand, a water-based moisturizer is quick-absorbing, light and cooling, and doesn’t clog pores. During dry winters, skin becomes more delicate and sensitive due to the cold, which is when you will need a more powerful product that is gentle on skin to keep your skin moisturized all day long.

4. Consume lots of water and antioxidants

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Keeping your body hydrated is the way to maintain supple skin from the inside out. It’s recommended to drink 2 liters of water daily to prevent dehydration, increase blood circulation and rid your body of toxins. Park Bo-Young once revealed that her secret to a dewy complexion is drinking enough water. The actress is known for always carrying a bottle of water around with her, as well as starting her mornings with an apple and a tumbler full of water – a routine that she repeats in the evening. With this method, she ensures that she drinks at least 1 liter of water every day. The apple in the morning is a skin care tip recommended by Song Joon-ki, who co-starred with Park in 2012’s award-winning A Werewolf Boy and is also known for his porcelain-like gorgeous skin. Apples contain high levels of antioxidants, which boast anti-aging benefits and limit the production of free radicals caused by sun damage and scars. Apart from eating fruits with natural antioxidants, you can also use skin care products with antioxidizing qualities to help maintain smooth and youthful-looking skin.

5. Start early with anti-aging

Image via jTBC TV

My mother always told me that it’s best to start young with anti-aging products. As you reach your twenties, your body’s cell renewal process starts to slow down and it takes longer to recover from blemishes, scars and other environmental damages. Towards your thirties, declining collagen leads to the loss of elasticity and an uneven skin tone.

Park Bo-young’s baby soft skin not only emits a healthy glow, but is constantly plump and firmly hydrated.She’s twenty-eight now but still has baby-soft skin, the result of her hard work and tenacious care to maintain her skin at its prime!

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