Watch These 8 Movies Before Planning Your Halloween Costume

There’s no question about it: Year after year, the best Halloween costumes come from movies (ok, and TV shows too). Classic cinema has solidified the status of certain characters with timeless style that resonates with so many generations. We see so many Wednesday Addams costumes every year because everyone remembers watching that movie as a kid. Instead of walking into a Halloween fête wearing a costume too obscure for anyone to know, choose an iconic and stylish character from one of these eight movies.

You probably want to rewatch all these titles anyhow, as they’re classics, and depending on which decade you were born, they will incite a touch of nostalgia. So before you stress out about what or who to dress up as on the 31st, rewatch one of these films for inspiration. Thanks to certain retro silhouettes coming back into style, like the strong shoulder, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you here.

Keep reading to see which movies are a must-watch before planning your Halloween costume.

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