“Cage” Underwear: The Latest Complicated Lingerie Trend

Last week we shared the new complicated underwear trend that’s becoming a thing (hint: it resembles a g-string but extra details). Back on our lingerie browsing spree and we spotted another undergarments trend springing up among several brands. Let us explain “cage” undies to you. The term coined by Victoria’s Secret for underwear with a criss-cross detail typically placed in the backside that resembles a cage. After seeing this trend among several lingerie lines, I noticed the “cage” detail can really range from a small detail to statement strap-like bands, so there’s an option for the person first to explore trends to someone on the more subtle side.

Whether you’re looking to update your underwear drawer or simply curious about what the hell “cage” panties look like, everything you need to know and shop is right below. Keep scrolling to see the latest polarizing underwear style.  

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