This Royal Dresses Exactly Like Her Grandmother Grace Kelly

If you compare two people enough, you’re bound to find similarities—and style is no exception. Such is the case with Grace Kelly and her very stylish granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi. But rather than any kind of mere coincidence, it seems to me like Casiraghi is tapping into Kelly’s iconic style.

I’ll admit that both Kelly and Casiraghi are two of my personal style heroes—and I’ve studied each of their outfits at great length. Let’s start with Grace Kelly. I count To Catch a Thief as one of my top five films (and have clocked hours watching it more than 20 times). In it, Kelly plays an icy Hitchcock blonde opposite Cary Grant on the coast of the French Riviera, and each costume is better than the last. I’ve seen all her other films too. And if you were to take a look at my Pinterest boards, you would find them flooded with photos of Kelly at the Oscars, on the beach in Jamaica in 1955, her epic film stills, and dozens more.

The same thing goes for Charlotte Casiraghi, whose Chanel red carpet moments and equestrian style always inspire me. But for me, it was a gown she wore in 2011 that really linked her style to her grandmother’s. The long blue dress looks like an almost replica of the iconic white dress Kelly wore in one of the scenes of To Catch a Thief. From there, I couldn’t help but link their style moments. Ahead, are six times Charlotte Casiraghi dressed exactly like her grandmother Grace Kelly.

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