10 Interview Outfits Powerful Women Hope You Show Up In

“My first-ever interview was with Marc Jacobs when I was 23 years old for a junior designer position at Louis Vuitton. I remember wearing a marine turtleneck sweater, old jeans, and black Chloé knee-high flat boots. I immediately felt underdressed entering the LV studio. I thought that I had made a big mistake, but then I had a lovely, really casual interview with Marc where I showed him my sketchbooks, collages, etc., and I felt much better afterward. I think the thing that got me the job was my shoe size, which is a perfect sample size 37!

“For my second interview eight years later with Nathalie Marrec, the studio director at the time at Balenciaga, I looked much more professional wearing a vintage Valentino petrol silk shirt, high-waisted Chloé gray wool skirt, and high-heeled patent LV ankle boots.

“The perfect interview outfit really depends on the job. I would say to wear something that shows your personality and style at its best—don’t pretend to be someone who you are not. Wear something that you would normally wear. Otherwise, you would need a whole new wardrobe if you get the job!”

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