I Have a Theory About Naked Dresses and Instagram

Clearly, I had a lot of questions. Here’s my theory: The naked trend is the first fashion trend of its kind to emerge that’s made by and for the digital world we live in. Think about it—it’s almost common practice now to buy into certain trends because of their “Instagrammability”, in other words, how well they’ll perform on your social media pages. These trends usually arrive swiftly and are either eye-catching, nostalgic, or a mix of both.

For sheer dresses and tops, it’s obviously the former. A bit voyeuristic in nature, we’d rarely wear a sheer dress (see impracticality), but we’ll jump at the chance to see how others are wearing one. It’s in part out of fascination and in part out of respect (because you need courage, lots of courage to wear sheer clothing). Either way, the naked trend continues to dominate. You’ll find us waiting patiently for the next daring celebrity moment, but until then, see the most epic naked trend Instagram posts and shop the most stylish sheer dresses below.

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