Most stylish men’s smartwatches of 2018

One of the easiest ways to look better instantly is to dress up your wrist with a timepiece that looks and performs like you do.

Lucky for you, modern day smartwatches aren’t dainty pieces of hardwear. Most on the market are bolstered with sapphire or Gorilla Glass (the stuff used on smartphones), adorned with stainless steel, silicone, or water-friendly genuine leather bands, and fitness-boosting technology. These aren’t your Joe Schmoe fitness trackers—these are designed with style in mind, and they look just as good in the bench-press station as they do in the boardroom.

Here, we’ve compiled 14 of our favorite smartwatches of 2018. They can track sleep, display important emails and messsages, and keep you on your A-game. Best of all, they’re handsome as hell.

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