The Master of Bright Colors: Emili Sindlev

So I have these photos saved in the private folder on my Instagram account. It’s a collection of cool fashion brands and places I want to travel, but mostly it’s outfits that inspire me. And lately, there’s one account that has risen to the top: Emili Sindlev’s. The Copenhagen-based stylist has stood out to me for her signature fashion sense but specifically how she wears bright colors. As someone who has a tendency to stick to black, tan, and navy with the occasional pop of red, I’ve grown intrigued by her ability to pull off strong, bold colors—and often many at a time.

As a novice to wearing color, I was fascinated by Sindlev’s ability to wear bright shades so easily, so I was interested to find out her advice for wearing it IRL. When asked about the best entry point to wearing color, she told Who What Wear, “My advice would be to start with colorful accessories and then when you are ready, jump into full outfits, but stay within the same color range to start with. That makes it easier as you build up the courage to go all-in across all color palettes.” Pretty sound advice, if you ask me. While committing to head-to-toe color might be intimidating, adding a fun blue bag or emerald green shoes is definitely doable. That’s a great place to start, but if you’re ready to add even more color to your wardrobe, Emili Sindlev is breaking down her top tips for how to add it to your outfits ahead.

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