Fans Respond to Ariel Winter’s Church Dress on Instagram

Ariel Winter is no stranger to fashion controversy. From clapping back at people who made unnecessary comments about her shorts to rocking a minidress on the red carpet that got her accused of Photoshopping her Instagram pics, her style is constantly the topic of conversation.

The latest Ariel fashion news? Her church outfit. Yahoo Lifestyle pointed out that Ariel, who’s part Greek, celebrated Greek Orthodox Easter last week wearing a simple black dress, long jacket, and flats. But that didn’t stop commenters from saying that Ariel was showing too much skin and that her dress wasn’t church-appropriate. On Instagram, the comments ranged from asking Ariel why she feels a “need” to show off her body to wondering whether she was “at a club or a church.” Of course, her fans came to her defense immediately, pointing out how ridiculous the feedback was. As one person wrote, “it’s her body lay tf off.”

While she hasn’t responded to these particular criticisms just yet, Ariel has plenty of experience speaking up against people who try to body-shame her. Her method of choice? Subliminally communicating with her critics via catchphrases on T-shirts. A few months ago, Ariel donned a shirt with the classic Mean Girls line “Boo You Whore” across the front. Some speculated that the style choice was a not-so-subtle dig at her critics.

Ariel recently told Entertainment Tonight that she’s currently taking a break from her studies at UCLA to focus on her career. Her latest project, The Last Movie Star, was released last month and follows the story of a former movie star as he reflects on his life. Ariel plays the brash millennial chauffeur who accompanies him.

No matter what’s next for Ariel, we applaud her for staying true to herself and for not letting naysayers get the best of her. You keep doing you, Ariel.

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