Dancer Charlize Glass on Her Generation and What Inspires Her

If the name “Charlize Glass” doesn’t immediately ring a bell, think back a bit. The year was 2014, and a video of the then–12-year-old’s impeccably choreographed dance routine to Beyoncé’s song “Yoncé” went viral after Queen Bey herself shared the video on IG with the caption “wow.” That was just the beginning, though: Five years later, […]

The Most Comfortable (and Coolest) Travel Clothes, According to Our Editors

Travel season is upon us, friends! Whether you’re going back home for the holidays, taking a well-deserved mini-break somewhere special, or jumping in the car to visit friends, you’re going to want a cozy outfit that’s comfortable, not to mention chic (you never know when an Insta opportunity arises). As someone who racks up a lot […]

10 Easy Winter Outfit Ideas to Try at Work (and in Life)

Nailing what to wear to work is tough any time of year, but come winter it’s especially difficult. When temperatures drop, it’s hard to focus on much more than just staying warm. So if you feel like it’s all too often you reach for the same trousers and sweater, don’t worry, we’re here to help […]

14 Affordable Faux-Fur Coats and How to Style Them This Year

One of the best parts about the winter season is arguably bundling up in as many blankets and cozy layers as possible. For maximum comfort, the softer the layers, the better, which is why faux-fur coats are a must-have among your winter wardrobe rotation. If you’re anything like me, the idea of buying a faux-fur coat is a […]

30 Holy-Grail Beauty Gifts So Good We Honestly Have Goose Bumps

Here’s hoping you’re not already riddled with the inevitable epidemic of holiday shopping fatigue. Because we have quite the treat in store for you: a holy-grail beauty gift guide we feel fairly confident, no, very confident is THE only beauty-centric shopping stop you need this season. (Mom, sister, BFF, co-worker, yourself—we didn’t leave anyone out.) Since we don’t […]

4 Things to Buy If You Like Low-Maintenance Luxury

Confession: A corner of my closet is reserved for those pieces I would love to wear, in theory, but rarely do because they require so much effort to care for. We all have those items: the constantly wrinkly shirt, extra-delicate blouse, white suede boots that scuff the second you leave the house, and sweaters prone to pilling. If […]

Young Thug Is Snug as a Bug in This Very Nice Rug

Young Thug has worn a rug.In his rug, he’s snug as a bug.Underneath that rug, his shirt must feel like a hug.Who made your rug, our good friend Thug?“My rug? This is from my main man: Doug.”One final query for you, Young Thug—Can you hook us up with your rug plug?Getty ImagesGetty ImagesOctober 25: Joe […]

MANIAMANIA Is Hiring A Jewelry Production Coordinator In New York, NY

Founded in 2009, Fine Jewelry line MANIAMANIA garnered a cult-like following for their uniquely symbolic jewelry and directional style.Founded in 2009, Fine Jewelry line MANIAMANIA garnered a cult-like following for their uniquely symbolic jewelry and directional style. Described by W Magazine as “mystical adornment for modern times,” MANIAMANIA believes that the idea of adornment holds […]